Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Googa Mooga Update

hey guys, the music line up for the great googa mooga comes out on Monday. It's 20 acts over 2 days, and the general admission registration for tickets starts on Tuesday; its free you just have to register to get in.

I really want to go! we should do it up


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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fort Tilden

"Pristine beaches and trails make this former military base in the Rockaways a hotspot for nature, history, and art enthusiasts"

This is not too far from the Rockaway Beach. It's a former military base turned national park full of mystery and wonder (at least in my eyes). I'd like to highlight the abandoned structures near the beach we could explore and possibly have an adventure day. 

Place has a couple of studio galleries and a theater as well. Galleries are open on weekends from 12pm-4pm.

This would be an all day thing if we went (obviously).


Dead Horse Bay

You know the deal. We should do this.

1st Fireworks Show at Coney Island

The First Fireworks show at Coney Island will be On Friday June 29th
(there are fireworks every weekend after until the end of summer)

We should do it up kids!
and maybe hang out on beer island

Cheap, Irreversible Life Decisions

Friday the 13th is upon us once again!

That means $13 tattoos & lucky $7 tips!


MXSBL Post Rules

Everyone has the ability to make posts. POST CONVENTIONS YO

A post should be about a place you want to go to; a band you want to see; an event you want to experience; something you want to do in general that everyone might enjoy doing. So, when you do a post please: linkage! (Angela suggests that we also use gray type in arial an the "normal" size setting to keep that shit fresh)

•Posts are dedicated to one event/trip/place/activity.

•Short & Sweet. You know, TL;DR. We don't want that stuff to happen on here.

•Everyone can decide on said event/trip/place/activity in the comments.

•No fighting; play nice kiddies

'Nuff said about that.

Great Googa Mooga!

 The Great GoogaMooga: n.
1. an amusement park of food & drink; adj. something wonderfully great; 
excl. "oh my goodness!" or "how bout that!"

75 food vendors
35 brewers
30 winemakers
20 live music performances

The Fest is FREE however early registration is full :(
BUT general admission tickets will be available soon!


Summer in the City

Summer 2012 Is Upon Us

Here we are. Summer is coming and we all want to do things.
We need to come up with a list of things to do.
When should we declare summer to start?
May? June?
Throw some ideas around of things we should do, places to go to and days everyone is available.